voxpop #1: what would you be doing if…?

Students at UOW were asked:

What would you be doing if you weren’t a student at UOW?

Excessive soul-searching wasn’t a requirement.

The expected answers?

Oh, I’d need to get a job, I’d be doing my preferred/second choice degree,

I’d be living somewhere else.

Maybe the shadow of disappointment and missed opportunity?

The unexpected, and most pleasing element: all respondents were open and engaging.

No niggards.

Everyone had a good, old-fashioned think, and spoke in detail about what might have been.

 How might you have answered?


One comment

  1. A good vox pop question and insightful answers from the participants. I think you’ve edited it well and moved from answer to answer intelligently. I think for the youtube frame landscape filming works better and this may be something to consider for next time? Overall though a good job!

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